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I have published three books, two of which are still in print and available for purchase: Deep in the Shallows, a book about water, and its many moods, and Winter Evocations, a celebration of winter, often a season much maligned. Copies can be ordered by contacting me. £10 including P&P.


winter evocations

Winter Evocations is a celebration of winter. The long dark nights and colder days provide the perfect excuse to put our feet up and indulge in a bit of comfort. This book is designed to dip into over a cosy hot drink, and perhaps make one feel better about this often maligned season. 


deep in the shallows

Deep in the Shallows is a series of reflections on water, the setting of each reflection located in different areas of the south west of England. In a busy, stressful world where many people do not have time to sit and read for hours, this book can be picked up and put down. Designed to be dipped into, its aim is to allow the reader to relax for a few short moments and to escape into the ideas and imagery which each reflection provides.



.Halcyon worlds are places of escape into timeless beauty. They are worlds full of natural wonder and shared experience where past meets present and the future feels far away. As a butterfly flits from flower to flower, revelling in the sweetness which every different nectar brings, so place after place is relished in this lyrical journal; a seasonal celebration of Dorset. NO LONGER FOR SALE

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